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BND is a leader in the supplying of ingredients for the food industry. Established in 2019, But our experience is form 2004 and has continued to grow as a major supplier of specialty Fats, Oils and Oleochemcials .

Our fats and oils, produced at our state-of-the-art refinery facilities in southeast Asia, are found in products used in the confectionery and baking industries. You will find our products in a variety of quality foods, from the finest chocolates to gourmet cakes. In addition, we provide a multitude of products to industrial end-users. Our raw material comes from sustainable sources and includes all the palm and palm kernel fractions along with coconut and liquid oils.

The scientists at our research center are constantly working to develop and improve our specialty fats and oils. Our pilot plant also provides our customers with a secure environment to test and sample new products and formulas.

Our company is dedicated to delivering only the best quality products and services.

BND is committed to providing the finest specialty fats and oils for retailers, restaurant chains, food services distributors, and factories. Our goal is to become a trusted partner in your company and make your business become more successful. Every day, BND’s Food Ingredient Oil brings millions of people to enjoy preparing delicious food. We invite you to experience our food ingredient products and enjoy the excitement of creating a tasty meal.

We will add value to our Customers by customer Service Par Excellence Consistent Quality, continuous improvement on standards of Environment, Industrial and Food Safety.


BND Group Ltd

We source and deliver the highest quality products.


Oleo chemicals

BND Group supplies a wide range of oleochemical products includes:

Soap Noodle , Fatty acids, fatty alchohols, Glycerin and all kind of palm products.


our specialty Fats and Oils are found in products used in the Confectionary and Baking industries across the country.


Oils & Fats

committed to providing the finest oils and fats retailers, resturant chains and food services distributors, Our goal is and make your to become a trusted partner in your company and make your business become more succcessful.

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