BND offers a full line of edible oils and fats designed to meet all your needs. From the highest quality cocoa butter alternative fats to oils used to manufacture luxury soap, BND Group can provide you with the best formula for your product.

We supply boxed fats, packed edible oils, olive oils, processing oils, organic and sustainable oils manufacturers operators of all sizes.

BND group supplies a variety of frying oils, from palm oil to sunflower oil, with high oxidative stability. Palm oil and palm olein are excellent frying fats with good stability that provide a light taste to fried foods. Antioxidants, both natural and synthetic, can be added to further enhance this stability.

We invite you to experience our products and enjoy the excitement of creating tasty meal.

Refined Coconut Oil is 100% natural, made from dried coconut with no chemicals used in the refining process
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From mill to market we function as an extension of our customer’s purchasing team. We source and deliver the highest quality products.

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